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For questions about the creation, uses, cutting, gluing of different types of foam. Foam can be floral foam, Styrofoam, spray foams and more. If the question is about a specific foam, such as Styrofoam, use that tag as well.

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How would I go about making this 2mm EVA foam mask sturdier, and what should I use?

I made a plan for my mask to make a template pattern out of in a 3D modeling software, as seen below. The blue model is for scale. It's pretty big, and the only foam I have right now is 2mm thick, so ...
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How can I make a presentation board rough or sticky?

For a miniatures wargame, I wanted trays to carry a number of figures at once around the tabletop. I got a pair of color-coded foam-core presentation boards and cut them up to the desired sizes. The ...
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Is there a specific type of pen/marker that won't rub off on EVA foam?

I've tried using gel pens, ballpoint pens, sharpies, markers (although this was an obvious answer) and felt tip pens on colored craft (EVA) foam, but they all seem to smudge or never fully dry. The ...
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Is there a castable material similar to high-density EVA foam?

I tried a few Polytek 2-part mixtures to make expanded PU foams in the density range of 8LB per cuft. These are still too soft as I am trying to achieve the firmness and surface feel of a yoga block (...
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Where to Get a Smooth Foam Mat for Crafts/Packaging?

I'm sure all of you have seen these interlocking mats: Credit: Amazon I make my own packaging for my artwork and use some stiff foam to hold everything together in the boxes I ship out. I am ...
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How can I identify/select a foam for stiffening a bag (buying online)?

I've started making my own bike luggage. The first is a simple zipped frame bag, unlined. Now that's finished successfully I want to make a full length toptube bag. Because these sit on top of the ...
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Recommended foam firmness for shipping [closed]

I'm wondering if there is any paper or study regarding the recommended firmness of foam for best packaging? Best packaging is seen here as most efficient to endure and absorb shocks during shipping. ...
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How to cut out notches and holes in foam semi-precisely?

I'm considering modifying a foam glider into an RC plane, but one of the problems I'm worried about is that all the electronics will be sitting rather exposed on top of the fuselage(I think that's the ...
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Casting foam inlay for briefcases

I would like to create a foam holder for my stuff to be placed in a briefcase kind of like this The shaped of the object is fairly complex with lots of curves, and simply cutting a straight through ...
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Alternative for wickes PVA glue in america

I was watching a tutorial on youtube for getting a plastic finish with smooth on's 65D plastic and Wickes PVA glue. (5:40 roughly) I can get the smooth on ...
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How to cut a small cylinder out of a chunk of foam with some precision

I have a parallelogram shaped chunk of foam, the kind of foam you find in headphone ear pads. Let's say it's 50mm long on both sides and 5mm thick. What is the best way to cut 5mm long, 2mm diameter ...
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Make foam rubber case

I am interested in how I might go about making a neoprene (closed cell) foam rubber case for a clock. The clock looks like this: The clock is about 10 inches wide at the longest dimension. I know ...
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Modding lens cap on camera? [closed]

After i installed a filter adapter and a filter on my fuji x70 camera, the lens part is now longer so the lens cap no longer hold itself on the camera. Please refer to the picture, there is a lens ...
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Are there certain types of foams I should not be cutting?

There are so many types of foam and of as many different chemical compositions. Not that this should be taken as standard but the wiki for hot wire cutter has this for the first sentence: A hot-...
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