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Paper's preservation (fixative not working)

Apparently, my (acid-free) paper (from 'SoHo Studio'; shown below) is yellowing, I have Krylon Workable Fixatif Spray Coating. Obviously, fixatives prevent this issue to happen, what should I do? Is ...
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What can I expect from a fixative?

I finished a charcoal drawing and want to paint over it with a clear coating (of acrylic gesso). For that I first used a fixative so that the drawing will not smudge when I apply gesso with a Brush. ...
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Is it really necessary to spray oil pastels with a fixative?

So far, I've used oil pastels on paper, mat it, then seal it in bag. Now I'd like to use oil pastels on stretched canvas. I was told that dust will accumulate and the oil pastel will get smudged, ...
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