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Prismacolor premiere pencils on top of fixative

I am trying to do mixed media painting like in this video by David Finch: The problem I have is that after I apply fixative and let it dry, ...
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What (preferably non-toxic) fixative would work best for oil pastels on a cardboard box?

I'm currently colouring my son's baby box (a gift box we receive from the government in Scotland which is made of cardboard and decorated with black and white pictures) using oil pastels and pencil. I'...
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Paper's preservation (fixative not working)

Apparently, my (acid-free) paper (from 'SoHo Studio'; shown below) is yellowing, I have Krylon Workable Fixatif Spray Coating. Obviously, fixatives prevent this issue to happen, what should I do? Is ...
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What can I expect from a fixative?

I finished a charcoal drawing and want to paint over it with a clear coating (of acrylic gesso). For that I first used a fixative so that the drawing will not smudge when I apply gesso with a Brush. ...
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Is it really necessary to spray oil pastels with a fixative?

So far, I've used oil pastels on paper, mat it, then seal it in bag. Now I'd like to use oil pastels on stretched canvas. I was told that dust will accumulate and the oil pastel will get smudged, ...
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