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Tools used in needle felting. Questions should be about the use and selection of these as it applies to needle felting.

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What is the purpose of different needle felting needles?

For needle felting there are different types of needle points and different sizes to choose from. How do you select the right ones/what do they do?
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What can I do to protect my hands while felting?

I just bought my first set of needles and I plan to start some felting. Going to put a face on a Pachimari. Needle felting is done by repeatably stabbing felt or roving to tangle fibers. There is ...
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What can I use to make grips for my felting needles?

Apparently getting economic hand held felting needles in my area is hard. I can get single felting needles easy though. While I can purchase what I want online I would like to see what it would take ...
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