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A type of glue primarily used for paper crafts that acts as a glue, sealant and a finish. Commonly known brands are Mod Podge and DecoArt Decoupage Glue.

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Will Mod Podge hold up in humid weather?

I am making string globes with doily string for my daughter's wedding in mid May. We plan on putting fairy lights in them. My only concern: if it rains and is humid, will the Mod Podge maintain the ...
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how to attach a magazine clipping to a vinyl coaster

I ordered cork backed coasters with what looks like vinyl top. I'd like to attach an image from a magazine but it needs to be water/heat proof. Any suggestion as who what medium I could use. I only ...
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How can I speed up the curing process of Mod Podge?

I made a gift using Mod Podge. I just found out I have to wait 4 weeks before it cures, but I only have 2 weeks! It's sticky, and it's not shiny! I used regular Mod Podge, Gloss (3 layers) to ...
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Securing seashell to an open painted wall [duplicate]

I would like to place a variety of different shaped seashell on a wall space in my bathroom. Is gluing them to the wall the best option? If so, what type of glue. Keeping in mind this is a wall in my ...
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Best glues for attaching images to glass (Image facing the glass), and magnet questions [closed]

and thank you for any input you may be able to provide. I was drawn to this site by the question and answer about beer bottle labels, but that doesn't seem to apply for what I have in mind, and ...
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How do I remove mod podge bubbles from an irregular surface?

I am a miniature painter, and I use brush-on mod podge to seal my minis because it's what I have available and a bottle of mod podge lasts much longer and is easier to use than an aerosol sealer. ...
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What do I use to seal or fix decoupage artwork?

I've made a couple of coasters using the decoupage technique, but they keep sticking in to one another. I used mod podge to seal the tissue and I'm assuming that is whats causing the stickiness. How ...
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Gluing pasta to paper?

I'm gluing dyed pasta to paper with my son, but it's hard to get it to stick without an obscene amount of glue (Elmer's liquid) or decoupage (Mod Podge). I'm using cardstock paper, so the glue doesn'...
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What can I do to avoid brush strokes in my Mod Podge?

If I am using Mod Podge as a finish on something small, like 2x4 letter blocks, I apply the adhesive with a paint brush. When it dries, I can clearly see the brush strokes. Is it the brush I am ...
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