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The process of creating fabric through interlocking loops of material strands using a hook.

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What is the conversion for UK and US crochet hooks to mm?

The UK and US use numbered or lettered hook sizes in their patterns rather than a standardized measurement. What are the conversions between the hook sizes depending on whether I'm using US or UK ...
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Are there any tips as to how to set the tightness of my stiches?

I am an amateur when it comes to crocheting. I was making some simple king's crowns for my kids and myself of course. I had planned on making changes to the pattern to adjust for the different sizes ...
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How to rehab tightly wound yarn?

I used to do a terrible thing, I'd buy beautiful skeins of hand-dyed yarn and rush home and wind them into super tight balls by hand. I now have a ball winder and a lot more sense. I'm rewinding these ...
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How important is hand/finger position in fiber crafts?

I've been learning to knit and crochet by looking at various tutorials online. In the pictures and/or videos, the fingers are often positioned with respect to the needles or yarn in ways that don't ...
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How can I finish the tops of my balls so the stitches are not so open in appearance?

Pokemon Go has been a feature in my family, and the world, as of late. I figured it would be fun to make some pokeballs for the kids. The first time I make something I expect there to be flaws. I make ...
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