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For questions regarding techniques and conventions used in comics, cartoons, and graphic novels, or the medium used to express narratives using still images, often in combination with text.

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How can I adopt a specific style in illustration?

Basically I used to doodle a lot when I was younger and decided to get back into it. I managed to find a comic and game artist that EXACTLY matches what I want my drawings to look like, and my goal is ...
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Is there an "ideal" width-to-height ratio for speech bubbles in English language comics?

When drawing speech bubbles for an English language comic, is there such a thing as an "ideal" or preferred ratio to them in regards to their width and height? Ideal in terms of visual ...
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What should I do to the background pallet when focussing in on a character who is distressed?

When drawing a western style graphic novel:- I have several panels in which a character is giving expository dialog. The frames are drawn with a wide viewing angle and from a distance so that several ...
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What do the terms "lineist" and "colorist" mean in reference to painting styles?

An art student said, "I didn't use to like Picasso because I thought he's just a lineist." The pronunciation was LIN-ee-ist, in contrast with "colorist." I do not find "...
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How to preserve comic pages drawn by pencil?

I bought pieces of comics that are drawn with pencil, and I’m afraid that they get blurred. How can I preserve them? Can this be done the same way as with sketches?
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In comic making, what purpose does cutting a single image into panels serve?

Basically, sometimes, there will be a single page or a large portion of the page dedicated to a single scene or image, and this will be cut into panels. But if the gutters were removed, the image ...
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