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For questions about arts and crafts specifically related to charcoal, most commonly its use in drawing implements.

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How can I protect my pencil & charcoal drawings once complete?

I have now built up a small portfolio of pencil/charcoal drawings. Most of the time they are kept in my folders, but sometimes they are viewed by friends and relatives. And on the odd occasion ...
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How to stop or reduce graphite from reflecting light?

Drawings drawn with graphite shine a lot under even a little light. The paper needs to be held at certain angle for proper viewing. Anyway to reduce or stop this?
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What are the types of charcoal pencils and how do they differ from each other?

I noticed that in the following picture there are at least 3 kinds of charcoal pencils: Wooden charcoal pencil with just the word soft written on it. Paper wrapped charcoal pencil with 600-H ...
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Is coconut shell good to produce charcoal for drawing?

Is coconut shell good to produce charcoal for drawing? Does the material that we use to make the charcoal decide its tonal character?
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How do I blend charcoal enough to make it look like a skin surface? [duplicate]

I've been drawing Wonder Woman for quite a long time. Since she has a lot of bare skin, it's kinda hard to draw it without pencils, using only charcoal. Here's the reference image I'm using: Artwork ...
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What can I expect from a fixative?

I finished a charcoal drawing and want to paint over it with a clear coating (of acrylic gesso). For that I first used a fixative so that the drawing will not smudge when I apply gesso with a Brush. ...
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