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For questions about making candles in all their forms.

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How to make candle wick stiffer?

I had a large candle and when the wick ran out there was a small hole with still a lot of wax around it. So I melted it down to make other little candles. I purchased a wick but am having trouble ...
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How to infuse candles/soaps with scents from tea leaves?

There seems to be 2 methods that I've seen online to do this: infuse the tea leaves in hot oil if choice (virgin olive, coconut etc) Doing the same thing as above but with cold oil I've tried the ...
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Can you cast candle wax in a HDPE Mold safely?

I'm looking into cheap materials I can cast candles into, and I'm wondering if recycled HDPE plastic would be a safe mold to cast candles in.
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How do I add fragrance when making homemade candles?

I am attempting to make homemade candles for Christmas this year and I want them to have a nice relaxing lavender smell to them. The first time around I used about 10 drops off lavender essential oils ...
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Information regarding skin friendly wax candle additives

I am experimenting with making paraffin candles that can be dripped on skin for use in BDSM. I already know about the different waxes and the logistics of casting wax candles, but I have been finding ...
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Paraffin candle burnt (or rather melted) WAY too quickly?

So... I'm new to candle making; I got some paraffin (nobody here sells soy wax), molds, stearic acid and other ingredients. Today I was trying the second candle I made; it was not a small candle at ...
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Why would a candle require a much larger wick than normal for its size?

I was recently given a couple of fairly large beeswax pillar candles by a friend who got them from his church. They were going to be thrown away, but he knew that I dabble in candle making so he ...
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