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For questions concerning blending techniques or any method that allows for gradual transitions between hues, values, and/or color intensities. Always use this tag in combination with the tag for the medium your question is about (e.g. [oil-paint], [colored-pencils).

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is priming really necessary for heavy acrylic or watercolour paper, and should it help blending acrylics?

The theory, as far as I am told, is that paper is too absorbent for acrylic paint, so it makes it dry too fast and prevents blending. But is it so? I'll explain how this question came up. Anyone who's ...
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How do I mix charcoal and graphite correctly?

Using graphite is somewhat risky. I've seen that when I use graphite it ends up very shiny, am I doing anything wrong? If im correct, the process is: apply the charcoal then the graphite, but how can ...
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How do I blend charcoal enough to make it look like a skin surface? [duplicate]

I've been drawing Wonder Woman for quite a long time. Since she has a lot of bare skin, it's kinda hard to draw it without pencils, using only charcoal. Here's the reference image I'm using: Artwork ...
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Anything better than baby oil for blending oil pastels?

I've only tried baby oil so far for oil pastel painting, I find that it softens the pastels and it's pretty cool.. though the oil could leave a spot. I've heard mineral spirits and turpentine work as ...
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Blend colors with markers

I have experience with drawing with color pencils, water colors and pastel. Now I want to try it with markers. As I am a newbie to markers, I have a lack of knowledge about those. I wonder if it is ...
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How can I blend soft pastels without removing too much colour?

I want to know which is the best blending tool to work on soft pastels. Every time I try to blend the colour seems to lighten. I use normal brushes or my fingers.
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What is the pre-computer version of Photoshop's blending modes? [closed]

Before computers, to blend two pictures into one, I'd imagine the painter would have used some sort of mirror setup to reflect the one picture onto a mirror containing the reflection of the other ...
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How do I effectively blend with Artist's Loft colored pencils?

What is the most effective way to blend Artist's Loft colored pencils? I have tried using my fingers and also bathroom tissue, but my colors never look very smooth or well-blended.
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What are my options to blend to pencil colors? [duplicate]

I am going to participate in a painting competition and I want to blend the light and dark blue to make the sky. What blending options do I have with colored pencils?
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How does shading & blending with carbon pencils differ from graphite pencils?

From what I've read, carbon pencils give a more matte-like texture than graphite, and are a drier media - similar to charcoal. Graphite can become reflective when photographed and scanned so I'm ...
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How do I get a blur (blended) effect in pencil drawings?

When drawing pictures with a pencil, I often want to create a more or less solid darker colour in some region. It's easy to shade an area so that it appears a solid dark colour from a distance, e.g. ...
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What are good options in colored pencil blending, especially for a traveller?

I generally use the Faber-Castell Colored Pencils, which are vegetable oil based, but I also use PrismaColor Premier from time to time. I normally use Odorless Mineral Spirits to blend, but it is a ...
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