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For questions that focus on issues related to avoiding or substituting materials or tools due to allergic reactions, including but not limited to wool (and other natural fibers), nickel, latex, etc.

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24 votes
2 answers

I have a model with a latex allergy: what are my other options?

I do amateur make up for a local theater group. We have a few of our actors and extras that have latex allergies. Generally I simply avoid using prosthetics on them since I do not have a good solution....
7 votes
5 answers

What circular knitting needles can I use if I am allergic to nickel?

I'm a knitter who's allergic to nickel. Are there any circular knitting needles made without nickel, chrome, or stainless steel?
11 votes
4 answers

What fiber crafts can I do when I am allergic to wool?

I'm allergic to wool. Is it still possible for me to knit/crochet/spin/weave?