My grandfather, Ed Maryon, painted watercolors professionally, and was both Dean and Chair of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to have some private lessons in his studio, though I regretfully never kept up with it. A couple of decades later, I’ve felt a pull to do so again, and have been trying to find the brushes that he used to use.

I think they were from either the UK or Germany, had a hard plastic or clear resin handle, and were tapered to an edge at the non-brush end (which could be used to scrape into the canvas). I don’t know if they’re made any longer, or if they were even widely available — he gave me one along with the lessons. It’s since disappeared after 8 years in the service and having moved at least a dozen times. Not sure if the brush description is helpful or not, but I thought I’d ask, since my grandfather passed away 16 years ago.

Any comments or help would be most greatly appreciated.

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    @Buzz The linked article also mentions that an image is necessary.
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