I want to bind (or have bound) my own eBooks and I don't know how to print the designed covers (with a cover size of B4 paper). I want to replicate the kind of cover used by Amazon for paperback books like this. I am trying to identify the cover material and printing process they use. For example, what type and specification of the paper, how it is printed, and any post-printing production steps, like coating or lamination.

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Finally I find some information. In this YouTube video, the paper they're printing cover on is 28lb bond and then they're single-side laminating each cover with 1.2mil gloss lamination. "Thicker sheets are harder to fold and manipulate so a thinner sheet and lamination are ideal for these type of covers."

The main hard cover they are using is a pre-prepared hard cover that is itself one-side sticky and need not to any adhesive material.

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