I do a lot of hobby crafting for tabletop gaming that involves painting miniatures and building scenery (think model railroad hobbyists). In this craft, there is a lot of need for washes of different sorts that fill in crevices and crannies for developing shadowing and texture. I have some tempera paints that were gifted to me, but I don't have much of a use for them and was thinking I could make them into washes of different colors since they are already very thin. Has anyone tried tempera paints for this? Will the paint hold up if painted over with acrylics? Will they be washed away when I attempt to seal my work (usually with Mod Podge and/or polycrylic)? I suppose I can experiment a little bit, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has attempted this before putting time into it.

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    Hi Nate, I haven't tried this, but I think the tempera will not adhere to the acrylic, but you might be able to find a proper grounding technique. Sealing afterwards seems like a necessity, as handling the miniatures will likely abrade the paint. I hope someone else here has experience with this. And welcome to Arts & Crafts! – Joachim Sep 22 '20 at 17:28
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    Just a suspicion, but I would expect tempera to at least bleed with any water-based coating. You might be able to mix in something that would add some water resistance once dry (a little PVA glue?). It only needs to stay intact until the seal coating is mostly dry. But this is all speculation, never tried it. – fixer1234 Sep 23 '20 at 22:31
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    Thanks for the insight and suggestions. I had a notion to add a little PVA as a binder, so I'll experiment a bit and will update my post with the results. – Nate Crackel Sep 24 '20 at 13:53

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