I am using a 2350 Sealer to make sure the silicon (Dragon Skin Smooth-On) does not stick to the mold I have created with Smooth-On 15 Slow.

But from the creation of the mold, I have seen that there is a little too much silicon not completely curing between the mold and the original.

I have gotten 200 Release recommended by Smooth-On. But, from watching YouTube videos, I though 2350 was also a good option.

Is using the 200 Release something that I should have done? Am I mixing the wrong chemicals?

The mold is now sticky. I was able to create a test silicon part from the mold but in part I used talcum powder. It worked, but I got the wrong texture.

Any guidance is appreciated.

200 Release is on the way (5 days), but If I can figure out how to correctly use the 2350 I can continue with the project.

  • Hi Jeremy, I rephrased your post slightly, among which the main question - is this still correct? Otherwise you can rollback to your old post, of course. Welcome to Arts & Crafts! – Joachim Aug 10 '20 at 8:01

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