So, the title just about sums it up.

I've cut some acrylic sheets to make vitrines for some painting frames and I have some leftover strips of acrylic.

I have an idea of what to use the acrylic for, but that would require melting it into a mould to make it into a small block.

I've read that acrylic melts at between 160ºC to 190ºC - which are temperatures that any oven at home can easily reach - however, I'm concerned about whether melting the acrylic will release any noxious fumes or not. Because, if so, I certainly won't be doing it at home.


There are lots of links that describe toxic fumes from burning or laser-cutting acrylic. Apparently, the risk also applies to the molten plastic, as you would encounter with 3D printing or molding. According to Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic (PMMA):

...fumes from 3D printing with acrylic or from the molten material used during injection molding should not be inhaled and ... should be conducted in a well ventilated facility to avoid the potentially hazardous effects of gaseous polymer.

  • Thank you very much (^w^) – Valeriano Mar 28 '20 at 21:50

Acrylic is also very easy to scorch, for example when line bending or vacuum forming. I doubt you'd be able to melt it evenly without it getting a brown crust in places.

  • Thank you very much (^w^) – Valeriano Mar 28 '20 at 21:50

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