I'm mending my (second hand) leather gloves by hand.

My sewing skills are rudimentary, but I like fixing the seams of or patching up clothes every now and then.

However, I never know how to finish up a sewn seam. I usually just keep repeating the last stitch, alternating the angle a little bit, or the direction, in a random fashion (random perhaps because I reason that if it's hard for me to unravel, it must be so too for the thread itself).

I would like to know if there's a proper way to finish sewing a seam.

Leather gloves in the midst of being mended

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What I would do at this point with your gloves, is to take the needle and slide it under that last stitch (I took a close look at your pic) leaving a loop behind, then take the needle and slide through that loop to create a knot, you may need to do this twice. Then, I usually push the needle into the material and leave extra thread inside the work, cutting what is super extra or bothersome.slide through stitch and through loop pull to knot Create the knot knot close up sometimes twice Hide the extra sink the extra thread into the material

These stitches shown here are just so I can show a sample, my stitch work is typically better. Though when I darn, I let it get messy. LOL happy mending sustainability lovers! 🌊🌙

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    PS I would start with a knot and bring the needle in through the glove. Commented Jan 28, 2020 at 0:39

This is one way (as suggested by WikiHow):

1   Flip the fabric over. ...
2   Slide the needle under the nearest stitch and pull it to make a loop. ...
3   Insert the needle through the loop and pull it tightly to make a knot. ...
4   Tie the thread through another loop to double knot the stitch. ...
5   Trim the excess thread and turn your fabric over.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x5PbLKldLE0 This video offers some alternatives


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