I want to design and create my own music box by hand. I'm looking for a way to create the metal comb/teeth. It would need to be a thin but sturdy metal in order for it to make tones.

I'm looking for a cheap way of making these, as I would need to make many of these as I continuously tweak the design until the correct notes are achieved.

I plan to ask separate questions for the other components of the music box in the future.


You can't make one for a serious music box .It is quench and tempered to high strength , which means the steel needs to be at least low alloy. I expect the slots are cut in and cut to rough length before hardening. Then after hardening, each "finger" could be ground to exact length for the note. Also some I have seen are ground to a special shape on the tip where it will be plucked. A friend bought a replacement comb , so they are available but expensive. For a novelty, I expect cold rolled brass sheet metal would be good , hard enough to "ring" but could still be cut ( it would be cut in the hard condition)

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Most are a tempered piece of thin sheet steel. The teeth are cut by a diamond-encrusted blade in your simple hand cooping saw. Then you must cut each to tune.

My first search would be "tempered thin sheet steel". Good luck to you.

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