Does anyone know if this type of collage or embroidery mixing different objects like pearls, sequins, beads and bugle beads has a specific name?

enter image description here

I found other examples on Google searching pearls, sequins and beads embroidery but I wonder if there is a common denomination for this type of embroidery using multiple elements.

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Consider beading, being the decoration of fabric with beads.

Or, more specifically to embroidery, bead embroidery.


At first I was going to say this isn't really a collage, since it's sewn rather than glued, but I learned that this does qualify as a three-dimensional collage.

A 3D collage is the art of putting altogether three-dimensional objects such as ... beads ... to form a new whole or a new object. Examples can include ... bead circles
-- Wikipedia

This is still a very broad category, and not specific to an embroidery-based collage. However, most beadwork is done with same-size beads, and your example includes different sizes and shapes (and some sequins thrown in).

  • I'm not completely satisfied with this as a definitive answer, but in case nothing more specific exists yet, I thought I'd throw it out there :)
    – Erica
    Commented Aug 10, 2019 at 15:52

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