I'm a filmmaker who would like to recreate a makeup effect similar to what is shown in the image below. I want to know the best techniques to turn the skin into a surface for a watercolor painting. The more details, the better.

The performer(s) with this makeup will then act and dance in a movie, so the makeup art needs to be stable under heat, sweat and movement.

The photographer is Alexander Khokhlov, and the makeup artist is Valeria Kutsan.

Alexander Khokhlov, photographer

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    Adding a little water to eye-shadows could give the effect probably... You can trickle it like you're supposed to do with the water colors
    – Bella Swan
    Jul 12 '19 at 6:16

I suggest a basic sunless Tanner foam ( lightest tan)dispensed mixed with some color agent that won't dye the skin permanently, like a children's bathtime paints. Or, possibly use party streamers then either get wet to apply(an oil perhaps) or spray with body glitter for eye-catching gleam! Good luck!

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