This is specifically to identify manufacturing info from the barrel of a pencil so I know what I’m getting if buying or swapping for used supplies, since those rarely have a box.

Here’s an example photo:

enter image description here

I’m looking for a visual timeline that would be something like “Prismacolor Premier pencil 1990-1994, made by X” together with a photo of the barrel. A written description would also suffice if it has enough info (e.g. matte vs shiny wood, foil color, spacing details, whether it says Berol Prismacolor or Sanford Prismacolor, whether the company name is stamped towards the end or tip)

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    I see how this is related to art (you want to know about the quality of the used supplies you're getting?) but I'm not sure that it is something we can answer as phrased. – Erica 9 hours ago
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