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I'm trying to make weights to lift at home, and I found online that using gallon milk jugs and filling them with sand or something similar is a good way to do it. However, I'm trying to make about 25 pound weights, which I'm not sure the sand would be heavy enough for. Am I wrong in this? What would be a good, easy-to-access (and not too expensive!) material that would reach at least 25 pounds or so in a milk jug sized container? What other way could I reach a weight of that size with easy to access materials, other than milk jugs?

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Steel weighs 8000 kg per cubic metre, or 8 kg per litre. A US gallon* is 3.79&nbspl, so a gallon of steel weighs 30 kg or 66 lbs. Unless you buy it in one piece you won't get perfect packing but you'd only need a 37% packing fraction to fill that gallon. Identical ball bearings should get more like 60%, but ball bearings aren't cheap. Old nuts and bolts would work if you can get them cheap.

At this point though, your milk bottle wouldn't survive long - it isn't designed to take the weight - so you need a stronger container, or to fill it first with steel then with epoxy (including the handle) effectively using the bottle as a mould. That much epoxy would add another couple of kg (~4 lbs) and could get expensive (though there are cheap types ).

Wet sand would actually only need 1.5 gallons to reach 25 lbs. Sand-filled epoxy would be similar to wet sand - you'd need to mix it well in another container, using just enough epoxy to fill the gaps in the sand. This is strong.

* Apparently a common size for plastic milk bottles in the US


This might be useful, a website that allows you to convert volume to weight for over 1500 substances and materials.



A sack filled with sand might be what you want. As it would be hard to get more than 8 pounds from a gallon bottle.

A sack would also give other workout options. A large truck or tractor tire could also be used but a sack would be most functional as it could be a seat when not used.

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