Sometimes when applying the final varnish on a miniature, it ends up going opaque / frosting. What causes this to happen, and how can it be prevented? I have seen this occur with both Vallejo and Liquitex gloss varnish, while using a brush to apply.

  • which brand are you using? Apr 26, 2016 at 19:40
  • I have tried both Vallejo and Liquitex and it clouds up about 10% of the time.
    – beattyac
    Apr 26, 2016 at 19:42

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What system are you using? Airbrush or bottle spray?

  • I have experienced a lot of frosting when applying varnish in humid environments.

  • I have observed more frosting with spray bottles compared to airbrush (I dilute the varnish for airbrushing with Vallejo airbrush thinner).

  • Only apply a very thin layer of varnish at a time. I have observed frosting when I put too much varnish at once, especially with spray bottles. If more is needed, several thin layers may be applied.

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