I am new to reborning, and I am concerned about the use of heat set paints and vapours released from heating the vinyl doll parts to set the paint.

I have been looking at air drying paints as a safer option, but would like to know if the finish is as professional and realistic looking as using the heat set paint.

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    I've seen people use water colour paint/pencil or acrylic paint and then a sealant. Not something I do though.
    – SAM A
    Mar 20, 2019 at 8:05

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Looking at the process involved and the toxicity and the heat setting relate directly to the vinyl paints bonding with the base material to essentially become one complex surface.

Air drying paints on top of the plastic will not have the same translucency as the bonded vinyl paints so I think the answer is no as far as "realism" goes since it is the translucency, also known as subsurface scattering, that is mimicking the behavior of light on real skin.

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