I have a few kitchen items that have become chipped from use (such as pint glasses and mixing bowls) and I would like to sand them to make the edges dull so they are safe to use again.

I saw the question that asked about sanding hand cut glass, but most of the answers talked about using electric tools and techniques. I would like to do it by hand because the pieces are not flat (oddly shaped), and not very large; a machine tool would be overkill.

What grit type of sand paper or other hand tools will help me with this task?

I know already I will need

  1. Proper eye wear
  2. Proper face mask
  3. Some kind of lubricant
  • The question, in its current context, could be considered off topic as it is not specifically related to hand crafts or art. However, reworked / edited to reference a craft problem it could provide valuable information. – BeaglesEnd Nov 14 at 17:41

You would use a hand held diamond file. They are sold specifically for the purpose you are describing (fixing chipped articles). There are a number of articles and videos online which detail the process and specify which files to use (flat, rounded, etc.).

  • Any chance you could summarize a couple of those articles for us? – Web Head Nov 14 at 16:47

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