I've never made doublets before, but I'd like to try.

My concern is that I don't have a flat lap. I only have a trim saw, and a 6-wheel Diamond Pacific Genie.

Is it possible to attach the dome to a backing without using a flat lap to grind them smooth? If so, how do I ensure a proper fit before applying the epoxy?

I'd like to be able to use a variety of materials for the doublets, ranging from very soft (like opal) to hard (like agates) (e.g. opal with quartz domes, plume agates with turquoise backings, etc.).


A doublet in this case being faux gemstone composed of two bonded layers of different materials, usually glass supporting a softer rare stone. You would need perfectly flat surfaces on the bond to get this to work, so if your tools cannot provide that then the answer would be no.

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