I have El Greco acrylic paints, purchased and opened some 1.5 years ago, of course, I open them only when I use them. But now I observe that water is not an efficient solvent for them any more. I don't manage to arrive at delicate, soft, liquid, flowing paint easily. Should I use some additives or some other solvent for my acrylics?

Of course, at the end I managed to liven up my paints but the flow is still not so smooth and liquid as expected.


I suspect that you are encountering a problem with the clumping of additives or fillers, because in a closed tube it is rather impossible to have acrylic dry. You could try to regrind them with a heavy glass pigment grinder, which would probably help to disperse the clumps. Instead of water also try adding a bit of acrylic medium or binder.

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  • I should note, however that I meant that in the space of a year this is improbable. Only thing that it might be is if they got rather hot or the tubes are transparent and you left them in direct sunlight for months, which could be the explanation. Acrylic if properly stored will keep for a very, very long time. – Nothingismagick Aug 21 '18 at 12:10

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