I buy pre-made canvases, and they always come with a little packet of wooden things:

Canvas wooden things

What are they for? How should I use them?


These are called "canvas keys".

The are shimmed into the corners of the canvas to maintain the tautness of the canvas. This generally happens only on machine-assembled frames, or on mass-produced frames that have low-quality inspection standards (for cost).

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    How exactly do you do that? Which way round do they go into the slots? How hard should you push them in?
    – Tom Medley
    Apr 27 '16 at 7:22
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    @TomMedley if you follow the link, you will find how to use them. You push them as hard as it is suitable for you.
    – niutech
    May 8 '16 at 17:46
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    @TomMedley I'd actually recommend making that a new question. "How to use canvas keys." It'd get my upvote, and generate some specific answers.
    – user24
    May 19 '16 at 4:01
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    They are also used on good quality canvas as even the best canvas can stretch over time.
    – Artemesia
    Jul 24 '16 at 7:53

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