We have a homework regarding color schemes and I chose Spongebob as my subject. At first I was thinking that it uses a triadic scheme since it uses blue, red, and yellow, and brown is just a combination of the three. However, I'm not sure if that is how the color scheme works, as brown is not a part of a the basic color wheel. I'm really confused. I even thought brown is just a darker shade of orange.

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There's a Photoshop trick to find an average color scheme.

  • Starting with an image, I chose one with the main BobSponge's characters.


  • From Photoshop apply a Pixelate filter, or choose an Online Pixelate Filter Maker like pinetools.com/pixelate-effect-image. With this you get a small color map from which to extract the most important or essential colors of an image.

color map

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