I have a raincoat made of PVC that I’d like to make some adjustments to: adding more buttons or other ways of attachment (it is full-length but it has buttons only to the knee); adding a string at the bottom (to prevent too much pressure on the last button); and perhaps a pocket.

The problem is that I’m not sure how to treat the material: The acetone from the general glue for rubber would most likely melt it (I've tried it on a similar, if not the same, material before) and if I sew it the PVC would tear easily. The original adjustments seem to be made through some kind of heat-and-pressure process that cannot be duplicated without the proper machine.

enter image description here

The solution I came up with was to sew a small patch of cloth on the inside area I want to treat and then treat it like a cloth, but that seems a bit heavy-handed. Does anyone have a better idea?

  • Have you tried electric clothing irons, curling irons or hair straighteners? Most modern versions are Teflon coated and have wide temperature ranges. Using a smooth, warm smooth surface as the anvil, the tip of a curling iron or the edge or point of a clothing iron pressed down for several seconds might be worth trying if you have some scrap to practice on. Temperature, pressure and timing should be the only important factors.
    – herb guy
    Feb 15 '18 at 4:14

I'd recommend you head to a camping supply store (like REI or Academy ) and pick up some tent repair tape. Its usually rip-stop nylon with adhesive on the back. It will reinforce the pvc so you can add buttons etc.


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