I've had these two small wooden heart magnets given to me a year ago, but over time, both hearts have fallen off their magnets. They seem to be attached by a thing sheet of some kind of clear glue that obviously can't hold in the long run (it's taken them both several months to fall off).

If there a particular kind of glue I can use to make the magnets hold together for good?

Two small wooden hearts and a smaller magnet

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Magnets are notoriously glue-resistant.

There are sticky soft magnets used e.g. for refrigerator magnets, which would kinda work on the glue front, but they are pathetically weak.

You could try two-ingredient epoxy for other magnets; it tends to stick really well to pretty much everything and if it won't, you can practically encase anything with it.

But I believe the best solution would be to forgo the glues and obtain some tiny neodymium magnets with a hole:

enter image description here

These are very strong, so even a tiny one can support your heart, and they can be affixed to a surface with a nail or a screw, making a very strong connection.


Over at Lifehacks SE I was recently introduced to Sugru, a play-dough-like silicone clay that sticks to virtually everything, hardens to a kind of rubber and is intended for small hacks, repairs and similar tasks.

They have a whole collection of projects with magnets on their website and your hearts would fit in nicely.


If there a particular kind of glue I can use to make the magnets hold together for good?

For good could be tough sell but like Joel Huebner says super/crazy glues would work just fine for this. For something this small that would be bearing much stress of weight it should be fine.

If you really wanted to you could use some 2 part epoxy from an applicator but I don't think that is necessary.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the wood you might be using would have a finish on it. If you intend to use glue for any surface you might get a better bond if you sand off the finish and get to bare wood. Smooth it off and then glue it. The glue should soak into the grain of the wood.


I use either Elmer's wood glue, it takes 12~ hours to dry. Or I use one of the thicker "super glues"

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