Is the charcoal that branded with 'soft' charcoal would be the same as the one that branded with 'light' one? Or is the any differences between them?

  • Are they the same brands, or different? Which brand(s)? This could vary on manufacturer. – user24 Sep 6 '17 at 14:22

The brands between Soft charcoal pencil and Light charcoal pencil is different.
Soft Charcoal pencil is darker than medium and hard charcoal pencil, it is black color.
It easy to crush, first time I used it, it become as short as dwarf in one day. Light charcoal have 2 meaning.

  • 1 is means light, medium, dark same with hard, medium, soft.
    Light = Hard charcoal pencil.
    Dark = Soft charcoal pencil.
  • 2 is white Light charcoal pencil is the white charcoal pencil in some brand, it used to draw light area.

Ignore meaning number 2, when the brand state Light, Medium, Dark, it means that same with HB to 4B having nice result light to dark. When the brand state Soft, Medium, Hard (I buy han zi Chinese brand), there was quite no different between the light to dark result.

But soft charcoal pencil having nice result in drawing too, I used it.
My soft charcoal pencil's result is center of it darker than outer of it, having a bit like photoshop blur brush result.

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