My Canon All-In-One Photosmart printer can't be repaired and I still have ink in the cartridges. Can I use the ink from the Photosmart inkjet cartridges for my dip calligraphy pens or with paint brushes?

  • If they're otherwise junk, you should try it and let us know. I susoect the answer is yes. You may need to dilute them and knowing what with could be tricky. Breaking in to the cartridges can be awkward and potentially messy
    – Chris H
    Aug 18 '17 at 9:00

Yes, inkjet ink works with brushes. It's thinner than the usual ink for dip pens, but give it a try. I haven't broken open cartridges to get it, but used the ink from a refill kit. Because they're pure, primary colours, you can theoretically mix any other colour from them, just as the printer does. You can certainly get strong, saturated shades.

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