Just got an Arches block of watercolor paper, parer sheets are glues together on 4 sides with a BLACK glue.

It seems a really good paper but i can't find a way to remove the black glue on the border once i take the piece of paper off the block.

They could use transparent glue.

  • There's not really any reason to remove it, assuming you're going to mat and frame your finished work. You're never going to see it.
    – Matt
    Dec 7, 2017 at 2:09

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You will have the same problem with watercolor-blocks that are glued on the edges, only that you see the remains of the glue better when the glue is black. What I usually do to remove the glue is one of the following.

  1. Cut the edges with a sharp scalpel (or another sharp knive) preferably with the help of a metal ruler.
  2. Lay the paper flat on a hard surface and scratch the edges (e.g. with your nails) until the glue is gone.

I dont think there is a non-invasive way to remove the glue, as it is made for holding the paper to the block really tight - even when wet.

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