Does anyone have experience with full-body repaints for plastic dolls? I'm working on a repaint/restyle and I need to paint the doll's entire body. I'm creating a fantasy creature but acrylic paint doesn't quite stick the way I need and it doesn't work well on jointed areas of the body.

I've tried using nail polish and acrylic base with a sealer, but these are not permanent. This is the doll I'm working with. I'd like to preserve her mobility and keep the paint from chipping away.

yoga-barbie picture

This doll is for a child (age 10) so it will go through some wear and tear and the paint job needs to hold up. Is there a brand/type of paint that will work better than what I'm using? Or maybe a specific type of sealant?



Plastics have become less adaptable to paint and vinyl plastics are often the least receptive. However, I think if you went to a distributor like Blick and visited the sign painter's paints, "One Shot" being the most prominent, you will find a very palatable product.

Palatable in the sense that they mix well, so you can buy a few small jars and blend a skin tone. And palatable because they just are the best enamel paints ever developed for commercial use. They are heavily pigmented so they can be reduced and sprayed. They lay down well and don't leave heavy ridge lines when strokes over lap, should you chose to paint with a brush. They dry quickly and provide an even gloss finish, which can be flattened if desired.

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Well I would use outdoor paint. Because it stays on if you leave the doll outside in the rain!And it stays on and pretty much NEVER chips.

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  • Have you used this on dolls before? Outdoor paints are not typically used on mobile objects. I would also wonder about toxicity but that is likely true of all paints. – Matt May 28 '17 at 3:46

Sand it, prime it, paint it with an acrylic paint and seal it with a matte acrylic sealer.

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    These instructions are extremely high level. Instead of the 10 mile view, could you zoom in and provide a lower level of guidance on these steps? – user24 Jun 8 '17 at 2:04

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