My wife has this small stained glass decoration she made in high school that has been around forever. For almost that same amount of time there are a couple of break in one of the pieces. The pictures below are the same except the second one has arrows to give focus to the breaks.

Hanging glass with fractures

Hanging glass with fractures and arrows for focus

It can be hard to tell but there is some glass missing in one of the breaks.

Now, is there something that can actually be done about this? I suppose I could put some solder on top of it to give the illusion that its more than one piece of glass but there is nothing for it to adhere to.

Is there a possibly that the glass could be removed maybe or part of it removed? That might be more effort than it is worth for this project but that does not mean the solution is any less valid here.

What can I do to fix or hide this broken glass on my wife project?


Take it apart

Desolder the near and far corners of the frame - easier said than done, but just patiently melt the solder and push it away with the tip of the soldering iron.

Glue the broken glass back together

Once half the frame is removed, the broken pieces will probably still adhere to the foil, but still be flexible to allow the insertion of your favorite glass glue - e.g. Loctite. Of course this does nothing about patching the missing shard of glass.

Place copper foil patches in the cracks

Once half the frame is removed, the broken pieces will have to be removed. If you're lucky the pieces of glass will slip off the foil. If the foil continues to adhere to the glass, it might be necessary to peel off some of the solder coated foil and replace it. As for filling in the cracks, the pieces will need to ground down so that cracks become wide enough to accommodate foil. Foil the pieces, coat with solder on both sides of the piece, and reattach the frame pieces.

Do nothing

Repairing with foil is going to look really klutzy. Using glue still leaves a gap where the chip of glass is missing, not much different from doing nothing.

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