I would like to paint my (garden) plastic chairs with nice designs. These are very standard chairs like this one:
enter image description here
I don't know their exact composition but a google search make me thinking that this is PVC or Polypropylene.

I'm living in central Europe so the paint should resists different types of weather, i.e. rain, sun and snow.

What are good paints for this purpose?

During my google search, I noticed that usually spray is recommended for such works. However, I would like to something like in the following example: enter image description here And for such patterns, spray seems very unconvenient (moreover, I'm not really used to work with sprays)...

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I have a plastic chair in my workshop. It is spattered with acrylic paint which is very hard to remove. I suggest you use good quality exterior grade acrylic paints. I have painted concrete ornaments with student grade acrylics and then sprayed them with automobile gel coat. It protects the paint and gives a shiny surface.


I'd also use a specialty undercoat.

Your DIY store or paint store should be able to supply an undercoat with extra grip designed to grip to difficult surfaces. I recently bought some. It's called Grip Lock Primer. It needs 3-4 days to cure completely.

You can also use it for fibreglass, ceramics, laminates. I'm sure you can find similar products in Europe.

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