I have to cover some books with adhesive contact paper. Although I try to do it slowly and with the help of a ruler, I systematically get some bubbles between the book and the cover.

Is there a good trick to do that properly?

enter image description here

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    Side note: contact paper is a terrible method of book conservation. Hope that book is ultimately considered disposable.
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Try removing the paper off the plastic foil during the process, not before like removing a little bit of foil, sticking it on the edge, then pulling away the paper flat on the book.


I have never personally done this with books but in concept there are a few things you need to keep in mind that will help make this process easier.

  • Remove all debris from the cover of the book. Dust particles and hair will make this a near impossible process. Small particles that you cant see and wont show up until you make contact. This is something you likely are already mindful of but you need to be sure of your cleaning medium as well. Something with paper fibers like Kleenex or paper towels would leave behind stuff as well. Dust in the air as well won't be helping this so need to pick a good location

  • Your surface needs to be flat. I mean this both as your working surface and the book itself. You might be having an issue if you are working the adhesive sheet from the top to the bottom of the book. The binding would make the book sit not perfectly flat. You might have more luck moving from left to right or more accurately start at the binding and work away from it. Working from top to bottom might cause the book pages to slide as you progress.


Besides the ideas given in other answers I found two tricks to make the process easier:

  • You can try to remove bubbles with the help of a pin pressing them slightly and then smoothing them out. But this is more of a remedy for when you already have the bubbles than a solution for your problem.
  • Here is suggested that you spray a bit of water in the non-adhesive side of the contact paper and your surface before putting the book over the contact. I haven't tried it myself but it is worth a try.
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