What is the name of this art?
What key words could I google to find similar results?

(Photos credit: The Mesh app on the Apple store )

Still from "The Mesh" Still from "The Mesh"

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    While we don't generally answer questions about digital art, I think that (since this is an identify-style question), it seems that it should be OK here despite our general decision not to address questions relating to digital arts. – Catija Jun 10 '16 at 16:17

This is a relatively new trend in graphical design which is known as low poly design or low polygon design. If you google "low poly design" you'll find plenty of tutorials on how to produce such pictures by yourself (e.g. this one). In (very) short, you take a picture, triangulate it and generates the polygons out of your the induced mesh. Clearly, this is all done by computer. (Somewhat this remembers me the painting style named cubism.)

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While the images you provided are most likely computer-generated or digital paintings, there is a traditional craft that can achieve similar results.

Some papercrafting models use a similar concept of simplifying objects into geometric planes.

Fubiz.net has a wide variety of examples:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Sometimes this type of papercraft is specifically called a paper model, distinguishing it from other crafts such as origami.

The designs for them may even be done using digital software to start. Certain programs allow you to convert a 3D model into directions/steps for making a tangible paper model.

The best search terms to get results like these are papercraft model or more specific things like papercraft animals. You can find images, and also templates/instructions.

If you search 3D papercraft, you may get even more results in your style. Here's an article about artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer’s, including some of his beautiful creations, which are actually made from cardboard. Perhaps my favorite, and one closest to your images, is this wonderful red fox:

enter image description here

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