I've seen this chair in many places, for instance

as sold in Brazil (under the name "Old Jones"): 1 2

as sold in UK ("Butler Milo Iron & Leather Accent Chair"): 3

(there are other places as well)

It looks like a fairly common design, though I can't find who invented it not when nor what it was named.

I'll try to describe it briefly: an iron hoop at - maybe - 45º, with leather stapled over/around the upper and lower sections of it (though not always a single piece of leather), raised from the floor by hairpin legs (the same iron thickness of the iron hoop); the leather pieces are kept streched by another part of the iron structure that lies beneath the hoop; all the iron structure is painted (usually black) and are mostly naked (the only covered parts are the upper and lower sections of the hoop); particularily the naked sections of the hoop serve as armrests.

(I can't create tags yet, but I would like to tag it "design-identification", "designer-identification", "chair", "armchair", "furniture")

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    Try looking at Charles Eames designs . He developed a few. Jul 22, 2023 at 19:40
  • Looks easy to construct, but painful in which to sit! I imagine that the top of the hoop hits the back in a bad way, and the bottom of the hoop cuts off leg circulation after sitting for a while. But visually, I do find the lines appealing from certain angles. Jul 24, 2023 at 0:59

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After a little research, I found what may be the origin of the design, based on Raymond Loewy's Hoop Chair.

enter image description here

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