I would like to identify the pattern of the purse in the image below, and want to know how to begin the chain number of the stitch. Is it a double crochet or single crochet? What type of yarn do I use for this?

enter image description here

  • It looks like primarily single crochet. The flower looks like double crochet. If you are a member of knit & crochet community called ravellry you will find many groups you can post your question in. You will also be able to search the patterns posted. I will send your question to a friend who made a similar purse about 6years ago. Maybe she will respond. Jun 1 at 4:38
  • Hi Valentine, I have edited your post and left in (and rephrased what I think were) the questions you were asking, but please focus on a single question. You can always ask other questions using the [New Question] button on the main page. Also, can you tell us where you found this picture? It is important to cite your sources. Welcome to Arts & Crafts!
    – Joachim
    Jun 1 at 13:01

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This looks like tunisian crochet.

enter image description here

Here's an article about how to get started with it https://www.purlsoho.com/create/tunisian-crochet-basics/. Cotton seems to be the most common type of yarn for handbags. I'd recommend a cotton cord yarn for extra durability and to show off the stitch texture.

  • Looks similar but the handbags have a diagonal offset which your link lacks. Also just providing a link for an answer is not so useful for SE because links go bad...
    – rebusB
    Aug 7 at 17:16

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