I’m recreating all Goodfellas suits and wanted to know what this type of shirt was called and what the type of collar he wears is called as well?

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    Hi Grayden, welcome to Arts & Crafts! Initially I assumed this was the same identification question you posted on Movies.SE, which would be fine, but asking where you can find items is off-topic here. Do you want to know what it's called (which was mentioned in the duplicate on Movies), or where to find it?
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Depending on the length, which is a little difficult to eyeball in this open position, it can be a long-point or a spearpoint/arrow collar (the latter is more informed by the fact that Goodfellas/Scorsese makes extensive use of these*).
Because of the straight lines and seemingly standard length I assume it's a long-point collar.

The type of shirt is even harder to pinpoint, since it's mostly obscured, but The Rake calls it "an oversized camp collar shirt", in which 'camp collar' refers more to the way it's being worn than its appearance: it's an "open, unstructured, lay-flat collar", according to ArtOfManliness.
What's also noteworthy is that, since Ray is wearing a jacket, the sleeves are likely long, whereas "a proper fitting camp collar sleeve should end right around your elbow, and be loose, flaring out slightly", argues TheEssentialMan.

BamfStyle calls the shirt "a one-piece “Lido collar”" (item #17).
Searching for that, a lot more references to the one-piece Cuban collar shirt come up, and they clearly resemble Ray's shirt:

one-piece Cuban collar shirt on TimothyEverest.co.uk

This incorporates the collar type as well, so I think this answers your question.
I left the rest of my research in because it might provide more helpful information - if not for this one, maybe for your other Goodfellas shirt reproductions :)

Not directly relevant, but I think you might appreciate this: in this blog on ALittleBitOfRest, the author argues the collars seen in Goodfellas are of a different breed altogether, as they are more teardrop-shaped than regular spearpoint collars, and do also seem a lot longer than the other examples there.
The author claims that they "'ve heard reports that it was based on something worn by Italians in the 1960s".

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