I’m trying to crochet an amigurumi skull but I don’t understand what 2dc-cluster 5 means. The same goes for [sc3inc over Ch.]

  • The brackets show you what the unit is. Then you'll repeat what's between the brackets the number of times the instructions specify. I think "sc3inc over Ch" refers to the center of the hat, and you'll work three single crochet stitches in one base chain. The pattern should have a legend somewhere, showing what their abbreviations stand for. Dec 7 '21 at 8:00

dc = double crochet. 2dc means double crochet 2 times. With a 5 double crochet cluster.
sc = single crochet. sc3inc single crochet with 3 increase over (ch)chain stitch.
Increase: adding an additional stitch into the same stitch pattern.

I started crochetting a few years ago, I have a little experience crocheting hearts, and flowers this past year. So hope this helps.

Sources that I came across for help.
https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-make-double-crochet-stitch-3987790 https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/single-crochet-stitch-tutorial-979083 https://mycrochetpattern.com/beginners/5-dc-cluster-in-one-chain-stitch/ https://mycrochetpattern.com/beginners/3-sc-increase/

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