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Top new questions this week:

How can I secure stiff fabric to wood without risking ripping and without adhesives?

I am planning a project using simple 1" x 2" pieces of wood and attaching a length of textile between the planks. The wood will be about 12 inches long, and the fabric will go from long-edge to long ...

fabric wood safety  
asked by Web Head 2 votes
answered by Elmy 3 votes

Is a blanket stitch doable for first-time knitters?

I have a fair amount of crocheting experience but no knitting experience whatsoever; I want to make something for my cousin’s new baby in time for Christmas, and I think a nice, simple baby blanket ...

knitting yarn  
asked by cjor530 2 votes
answered by 111 3 votes

Glue for polystyrene

I want to glue together several sheets of polystyrene (just a prototype / research project). I choose extruded polystyrene for its extra strength compared to expanded. However, I am not sure sure ...

adhesives styrofoam  
asked by virolino 2 votes
answered by Chris H 2 votes

What paint should I use to make a portrait glow in the dark?

I want to surprise my friend with a portrait painting of his image that will be glowing in the dark but don't know what paint to use. Any help please?

asked by Nyavoken Chris 1 vote
answered by fixer1234 2 votes

What's the name of a concept where objects take on forms out of different things?

I think the title is the most proper question that could come up in my mind, as for an example - take a look at 2014 ESC postcards: or this: Thanks in advance!

asked by Remarken 1 vote
answered by Joachim 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What should I look for in a paper for a complex origami model?

I'm thinking of stepping up to folding complex origami models, such as those by KAMIYA Satoshi, HOJYO Takashi, and Robert Lang, but obviously 10" origami paper (kami) isn't going to cut it, as you ...

paper origami  
asked by inkista 9 votes
answered by Michał Kosmulski 9 votes

How do I cut a perfect square out of paper for origami folding?

We've all been there. You think it's a square. It looks like a square. You fold it into a bird base, and well, it's that tiny bit off. And that error multiplies as you go farther and farther down ...

paper origami cutting  
asked by inkista 8 votes
answered by inkista 5 votes

Hand painting with spray paint?

Is it possible to take spray paint, spray it in a cup, and use it to hand paint with? I have a bottle of it, but no other paint and I want this hue. Just wondering if I can use this temporarily.

asked by user140052 4 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 3 votes

How do I keep my ink from smudging when I draw?

When I try to make sketches with a fountain pen on printer paper, it keeps smudging, so I have to restart. What do I do to prevent smudging? If this helps, I'm ambidextrous.

drawing ink  
asked by Skylar Black 8 votes
answered by John Vukelic 7 votes

How do hard, soft, and medium charcoal pencils compare against their counterparts in graphite?

Example: For shading, I have soft charcoal pencil, and 8B graphite pencil. The charcoal pencil I have does not have a specific label except the word "soft" written on it. Both of them are known for ...

drawing pencils charcoal  
asked by Aquarius_Girl 5 votes
answered by leigero 5 votes

What is an easy way to waterproof large pieces of cardboard?

I am building sets and props for an outdoor performance. We must use recycled materials as much as possible, and will thus use cardboard a lot since it is readily available. We plan on painting or ...

preservation paint cardboard  
asked by Darren 10 votes
answered by Rand al'Thor 4 votes

How to cast silicone beads?

I want to make custom, food-grade silicone beads that have a hole down the center for stringing them. When I google molding silicone or any variation on that, all the results are to make silicone ...

jewelry food-safe mold-making beads  
asked by Cienwen 5 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 2 votes
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