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Top new questions this week:

Hand Sewing Patch to Huge Elbow Holes in Sweater

I have a favorite (cashmere/lambswool) sweater from a fast fashion store that I sort of let go to seed from wearing it all the time. It now has huge elbow holes that go further up my arm where it gets ...

asked by Hargg 4 votes
answered by Not The Face 4 votes

How to open a hot furnace without damaging it?

I have a heat treatment furnace which is very similar to furnaces used to make jewelry, such as to melt gold, silver and other precious metal alloys for casting into jewelry. In fact, the manufacturer'...

asked by Tyler Durden 3 votes

How to Create a Perforated Piezoelectric Disc (aka atomizer)?

I'm wanting to create a perforated piezoelectric disc for use in creating a solid state aeroponic mister. The water droplets, and thereby the holes, can only range in size from 5-50 micron in order ...

asked by at0micV3n0m 3 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 4 votes

What glue should I use with acrylic and transparencies?

I have a set of laser-cut clear acrylic pieces and matching transparencies (with designs printed on them). I want to glue the transparencies atop the acrylic pieces, but I have am unsure which glue is ...

adhesives acrylic-glass  
asked by freshlybakedcpu 3 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 3 votes

Too Much Alcohol Ink, Overshooting the Color Too Dark

I was lead here to this site FROM THIS POST on getting a transparent colored epoxy. One question is if I am using an alcohol ink for a transparent colored pour, what happens if I overshoot the color i....

asked by Dave 1 vote
answered by Elmy 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Trying to turn a vintage wash basin into a vessel sink. How can I get rid of this standing water?

First off I screwed up where I drilled the hole for the drain. The middle of the bowl is actually raised so the water pools in a circle around the drain: I'm curious what my options are now... Is ...

tool-selection sculpting ceramics  
asked by fudge 11 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 20 votes

How do I keep my ink from smudging when I draw?

When I try to make sketches with a fountain pen on printer paper, it keeps smudging, so I have to restart. What do I do to prevent smudging? If this helps, I'm ambidextrous.

drawing ink  
asked by Skylar Black 8 votes
answered by John Vukelic 7 votes

Which kind of pencils should be used by a beginner for drawing?

I am curious what people would consider a basic / standard pencil type to have in their toolbox for pencil sketching. There are a ton of variants I see with different hardness/softness etc and I don'...

drawing pencils  
asked by Kozbot 9 votes
answered by Oneira 8 votes

Do I have to lower the foot and needle when my sewing machine is not in use?

My mom insists than whenever I don't use a sewing machine, I have to put a piece of scrap fabric under the sewing foot, lower the foot and move the needle all the way down. This is supposedly true for ...

sewing-machine maintenance  
asked by Elmy 6 votes

What is the advantage of having an angled drawing desk?

I grew up using normal desks in school and drawing in art class on tables. I have drawn on tables for most of my projects, but every artists desk has a lift to it. What is the purpose of the varying ...

drawing tool-selection sketching  
asked by leigero 29 votes
answered by Martha 5 votes

Homemade fixative for chalk pastel

After I make a piece of art with chalk pastels, it gets smudged all over. I don't want to go out and get fixative, and we don't have hairspray, so I was wondering if there is any household item that ...

drawing paper chalk-pastels  
asked by Owen 1 vote
answered by Joachim 5 votes

Why would using an eraser holder be better than using a normal rectangle eraser?

I saw this today: It's a Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Refillable Holder. Well, if you tell me that it can be used to clean corners, yes initially it would but soon its edges would become round like ...

asked by Aquarius_Girl 5 votes
answered by fixer1234 11 votes
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