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Top new questions this week:

what rubber to buy for wooden wheels

I'm building toy strollers for my girls. I'm planning on using solid wood wheels and I would like to attach rubber tread. I was hoping to buy a roll of rubber tread, maybe with a slot or something to ...

wood rubber  
asked by stackoverfloweth 4 votes
answered by csk 4 votes

What is the name of my drawing style? Black and white?

I'm looking for a term for my art drawings. I'm going to post a gig on Fiver and I don't know how to call it and what to write (black and white art/drawing?). There has to be a name for it. I have ...

drawing terminology style-identification  
asked by Abrahem haj hle 2 votes
answered by Joachim 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a way to cleanly cut styrofoam?

My roommate is a bit of a pack rat and has several old TV and computer monitor boxes with styrofoam supports. I am thinking of cutting the styrofoam into little "bricks" and building a small house ...

asked by Jay 13 votes
answered by EarthliƋ 14 votes

Why do pencils offer larger color variety than watercolor?

Please correct me if I am wrong, but from what I observe, you can easily get 100-150 colours in a set of pencils, but if you go for sets of watercolors, there's rarely more than 24-36. Why so?

material-selection colored-pencils watercoloring  
asked by J. Doe 19 votes
answered by walrus 27 votes

Fast method to cut/shred glue stick into small pieces

Tried cutting a glue stick into small pieces using a normal scissor and took about 10 mins or so. Is it possible to cut or shred glue stick into small pieces much faster, say 2 min per stick? (The ...

asked by user275517 4 votes
answered by virolino 4 votes

How to clean off spray adhesive?

This probably comes up more often than people would like, but how does one clean spray adhesive (at least the 3M brand) from various materials? In particular fabric or self-healing cutting mats?

asked by NoahM 2 votes
answered by Chris Young 4 votes

How to make this string art?

I found the adjacent image here, and want to learn how to make this:

asked by alhelal 3 votes

Can I use hot glue as resin by melting them in a pan

Suppose I have a detective pikachu mold tray, some hot glue sticks and a small cooking pan. Can I melt the hot glue sticks in the small cooking pan and use it as a resin, to be pour into the ...

asked by user275517 5 votes

How to calculate the shadow direction, size, and transparency?

Suppose I want to draw a shadow of X. How do I know what should be the EXACT size of the shadow direction of the shadow transparency of the shadow. Of course, it all depends on the light source. ...

asked by Aquarius_Girl 6 votes
answered by user2264 2 votes
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