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Top new questions this week:

Which is warmer for slipper socks—wool or acrylic?

I've read a bunch of pages for what seems like a simple question but haven't been able to find a definitive answer. My main confusion comes from the (in my newbie mind) conflicting statement, where ...

asked by Khashir 4 votes
answered by fixer1234 6 votes

Caring for Kneaded Erasers

How does one keep a kneaded eraser "healthy"? They say things like "don't let it lay on the carpet," what else do I have to do? Is there proper way to store it and how long will a ...

maintenance erasers storage  
asked by Isaac750 3 votes
answered by rebusB 6 votes

Glue for printed vinyl banner

Hey guys I have purchased a large printed vinyl banner. 3050mm x 766mm. Due to cost reasons I now want to glue this banner to a sign which is aluminium and it looks like it is coated, maybe plastic or ...

asked by kerriemunro 2 votes

Do you know the name of this knot?

Can you tell me the name of this knot, please? Thank you.

asked by korppu73 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do pencils offer larger color variety than watercolor?

Please correct me if I am wrong, but from what I observe, you can easily get 100-150 colours in a set of pencils, but if you go for sets of watercolors, there's rarely more than 24-36. Why so?

material-selection colored-pencils watercolor  
asked by J. Doe 19 votes
answered by walrus 27 votes

Why is my metallic Sharpie drawing thinned out and transparent lines?

I recently bought a gold Sharpie marker (regular Sharpie, not the oil-based ones), but it's writing almost clear. It's not dried up, there's plenty of liquid, but the color is very thinned out and ...

asked by ShinyFox 4 votes
answered by John Vukelic 7 votes

How can I remove paint from glass bottles w/o paint thinner?

I've got a couple of glass Saratoga bottles, like the one pictured below. I'd like to remove the paint from them, but I don't want to use paint thinners or similar solvents. What household tools can ...

paint glass  
asked by jackwise 8 votes
answered by Ast Pace 3 votes

How to calculate the shadow direction, size, and transparency?

Suppose I want to draw a shadow of X. How do I know what should be the EXACT size of the shadow direction of the shadow transparency of the shadow. Of course, it all depends on the light source. ...

asked by Aquarius_Girl 6 votes
answered by user2264 2 votes

What kind of glue works for stones and shells?

I have a collection of many small stones and shells of different shapes and sizes picked up from various beaches, and it'd be nice to glue some of them together to make some sort of arty model. But ...

adhesives stones  
asked by Rand al'Thor 10 votes
answered by Oneira 5 votes

Is it possible to melt a glass bottle without a kiln?

I've seen these cheese plates, art, spoonrests etc. are made of melted glass bottles. Is it possible to melt these in a normal household oven? Or do you need something like a kiln? If it is possible ...

glass kiln  
asked by Wimateeka 7 votes
answered by walrus 5 votes

How much acrylic paint do I need to fill a 2x2 meter canvas?

It's my first time painting a large canvas. I want to buy Golden paints but I am not sure how much to get, with some room for experimentation too.

asked by Arturino 5 votes
answered by John Vukelic 2 votes
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