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Top new questions this week:

How to decorate spider leg drawing?

Problem here is that the flowers at the end of spider legs, appear to look more like knots tied to the end of his legs, than actual flowers. I was considering putting tiny circles on those thin legs ...

asked by Aquarius_Girl 2 votes
answered by Lyssagal 1 vote

How to know if brush contains hog/pig hair or not?

How can I know if my brushes contain pig or hog hair? And for what purpose are these brushes actually used; acrylic, oil or watercolor?

material-identification paint-brushes  
asked by Fariha 2 votes
answered by Joachim 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exactly are carbon pencils?

A recent question on What are the types of charcoal pencils and how do they differ from each other? had an answer that discussed the relationship of charcoal pencils and carbon. It got me doing a ...

drawing terminology pencils  
asked by Matt 7 votes
answered by Vincent.W. 5 votes

Why is wearing a mask recommended when carving antler?

Why do people get so concerned over antler dust when knife carving. I wear a mask when I work with it. But what if you didn't wear a mask? What would the dangers be?

safety carving bone  
asked by terrariabat 8 votes
answered by magerber 4 votes

Where can I get brown packing paper mesh?

I've been working on a collage with some packaging paper that I received in a shipment from somewhere and I'd like to get some more. There are some pictures of this kind of paper in Google Images and ...

asked by Steve Wilson 5 votes
answered by Nishant Gupta 3 votes

How can I prevent watercolor paper from buckling?

Watercolor paper comes in various weights and the lighter variants can buckle (also known as cockling) when they get wet. How can I prevent or reduce this from happening? Is there a preferred ...

paper watercoloring  
asked by John Cavan 12 votes
answered by Conrad Turner 11 votes

How can I cover a large posterboard with glitter?

I have a 22"x28" posterboard that I'd like to cover in glitter. What can I use to get the glitter to stick to the posterboard?

paper tool-selection posters  
asked by Arithmomaniac 2 votes
answered by Rhonda 5 votes

Will I have problems with wire baked in oven baked clay?

I am planning an armature for use in stop motion. I will use 3 steel wires twisted together using a drill. I am planning to have oven-bake polymer clay (such as Sculpey of Fimo) on the wires. It ...

polymer-clay wire  
asked by margalo 8 votes
answered by Ji Ugug 4 votes

Which kind of pencils should be used by a beginner for drawing?

I am curious what people would consider a basic / standard pencil type to have in their toolbox for pencil sketching. There are a ton of variants I see with different hardness/softness etc and I ...

drawing pencils  
asked by Kozbot 9 votes
answered by Oneira 8 votes

Can you answer this question?

Can 2350 Sealer be used with Smooth-On Slow 15?

I am using a 2350 Sealer to make sure the silicon (Dragon Skin Smooth-On) does not stick to the mold I have created with Smooth-On 15 Slow. But from the creation of the mold, I have seen that there is ...

mold-making silicone-mold  
asked by jeremyvillalobos 2 votes
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