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Top new questions this week:

What is holding this geode together and how?

I have a nice geode sample that is sadly structurally unsound, and I am looking for a solution to make it sturdier so I don't run as much of a risk of it breaking on me. I have a separate geode that ...

technique-identification material-identification lapidary  
asked by Shadow Z. Score of 3

How do I thicken acrylic model paint in a consistent manner?

I have several model paints that I use for miniature painting which I need to use in order to maintain color consistency. In their natural state they are too thin for my taste. Almost like an ink or a ...

material-selection paint material-making  
asked by Aaargh Zombies Score of 2
answered by fixer1234 Score of 1

Any quenching tips for 1090 steel?

I have a rasp that no longer works and I found out it's made of 1090 steel, and want to use it to make a tomahawk, but I can't find the proper temperature for quenching. In case that's important: I ...

metalworking metal  
asked by user12998 Score of 1
answered by blacksmith37 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the way to clean a kneaded eraser?

I can see black patches on my kneaded eraser. What is the right way to clean the kneaded eraser so that it doesn't leave any marks on the paper?

maintenance erasers  
asked by Aquarius_Girl Score of 15
answered by Matt Score of 21

Why is my metallic Sharpie drawing thinned out and transparent lines?

I recently bought a gold Sharpie marker (regular Sharpie, not the oil-based ones), but it's writing almost clear. It's not dried up, there's plenty of liquid, but the color is very thinned out and ...

asked by ShinyFox Score of 4
answered by John Vukelic Score of 7

What material to use for a prop sword?

This was posted after a discussion of whether assassins' questions about deadly weapons would be on-topic here. If I wanted to make a sword, say as a prop for a theatrical production, what would be ...

material-selection prop-weapons  
asked by Rand al'Thor Score of 10
answered by inkista Score of 8

How do I get a blur (blended) effect in pencil drawings?

When drawing pictures with a pencil, I often want to create a more or less solid darker colour in some region. It's easy to shade an area so that it appears a solid dark colour from a distance, e.g. ...

drawing pencils pencil-shading blending  
asked by Rand al'Thor Score of 15
answered by The Emperor of the Republic Score of 3

How to erase pencil under ink?

I use an HB pencil, very light, to sketch before drawing with ink. I use Staedtler ink pen and Staedtler plastic eraser ( whit rectangular with blu paper around ) The problem is that when i erase ...

drawing ink  
asked by al404IT Score of 9
answered by Ron Apollo Score of 2

How do I remove labels from glass jars/bottles?

Glass jars or bottles provide a great base material for many crafts, but the least expensive option (reusing food jars or wine bottles that would otherwise be discarded) require me to do some surface ...

glass upcycling surface-preparation  
asked by Erica Score of 25
answered by Noah Spurrier Score of 15

Curing non-UV epoxy resin with a UV light?

I'm creating simple alphabet letters using normal household 2-part resin. It seems to be taking forever and a day to cure. I know things such as lamps and turning up the heating can accelerate curing ...

asked by Maria Ako Score of 5
answered by fixer1234 Score of 8
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