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Top new questions this week:

How can I make a presentation board rough or sticky?

For a miniatures wargame, I wanted trays to carry a number of figures at once around the tabletop. I got a pair of color-coded foam-core presentation boards and cut them up to the desired sizes. The ...

cardboard foam  
user avatar asked by Daniel R. Collins Score of 6
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 7

Medium to carry glitter in a DIY glitter pen?

I am making a series of models that have sharp edges, and I want to create a thin line of glitter along them so that the edge will sparkle a specific color when turned under a light. I have tried most ...

user avatar asked by Aaargh Zombies Score of 4
user avatar answered by Elmy Score of 2

Creating a harmonious color wheel based on a new color system

For my current project, I'm trying to create a harmonious color scheme. When looking at the tools like "Analogous colors" provided on new-age color wheels (RGB, CMYK, CIA Lab, CIA UV) I'm ...

user avatar asked by user5441400 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Elmy Score of 1

What is the art genre of this painting on the T-shirt?

I don't know exactly what the genre of this painting is. It looks nice to me, so I hope I could see more of it from other artist as well.

painting style-identification  
user avatar asked by Ega Score of 1
user avatar answered by Joachim Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My Mod Podge coat is still sticky. What do I do?

I painted some Jenga blocks and gave them a clear coat in Mod Podge to seal the paint. The Mod Podge coat is still sticky after a few days, which is definitely not good for Jenga blocks. How can I ...

user avatar asked by jackwise Score of 3
user avatar answered by Allison C Score of 9

Is it possible to combine charcoal and graphite in one image?

I'm drawing an image with quite a large range of tones and I plan to draw the darker tones in charcoal. However, I used a graphite pencil for the preparatory drawing. Is it still possible to draw with ...

drawing pencils pencil-shading charcoal  
user avatar asked by Vincent.W. Score of 8
user avatar answered by John Vukelic Score of 7

How do hard, soft, and medium charcoal pencils compare against their counterparts in graphite?

Example: For shading, I have soft charcoal pencil, and 8B graphite pencil. The charcoal pencil I have does not have a specific label except the word "soft" written on it. Both of them are known for ...

drawing pencils charcoal  
user avatar asked by Aquarius_Girl Score of 6
user avatar answered by leigero Score of 6

How to cut a tiny circle in paper?

When papercutting, one often has to cut very small circles, like below. When I do that, I often break my blade. How should I cut small circles or other small holes? Think about ... Should I apply ...

paper papercutting  
user avatar asked by Keelan Score of 42
user avatar answered by Matt Score of 33

Which glue should I use to attach paper to glass?

When making things that go in bottles (primarily beer), I want to add labels to the bottles. I like the look of matte paper labels such as those found on fancy wine bottles, but I'm having difficulty ...

paper adhesives glass  
user avatar asked by walrus Score of 14
user avatar answered by Catija Score of 14

How do I prevent chalk pastel from getting smudged?

I made a piece of work with chalk pastels recently. Sadly, I left it unattended on an occasion and my cats ended up approaching my sketchbook. Some of my work was smudged. On another occasion when I ...

preservation chalk-pastels  
user avatar asked by D. Tunus Score of 7
user avatar answered by Tom Medley Score of 6

What are the (dis)advantages of both sides of chart paper for drawing or painting?

I have noticed how two surfaces of chart paper are different from each other: one is rough while the other is smooth. I am getting different opinions about choosing which side is more suitable for ...

drawing paper pencil-shading  
user avatar asked by ASMI Score of 3
user avatar answered by CosmicDork Score of 4
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