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Top new questions this week:

Low cost alternatives to resin for creating the illusion of there being an opaque fluid in a bottle or jar

I am looking for an alternative to resin to fill a series of jars with, that will harden solid. My aim is to make it appear as if the jars are filled with an opaque liquid that could pass for some ...

material-selection safety  
asked by Aaargh Zombies 9 votes
answered by MTA 9 votes

Will washi tape adhesive leave residue overtime if it stays on a surface for a while?

Supposedly washi tape doesn't leave residue, but what if it's in the heat or just stays on something for a long time? Will it still leave residue like all tapes overtime?

asked by ShangWang 3 votes

Material to fix a small candle in

I'm looking for some material that I can use to fix a small table candle in. The candle will be about 10cm long with a 1cm diameter. The idea is that there will be a wooden board with holes of various ...

material-selection material-identification  
asked by Keelan 1 vote
answered by Keelan -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a mural and street-art?

I have been trying to figure out what is a mural or what is street art and the difference between the two (if there is one). What is the difference between the two? What would be such kind of art be ...

asked by shirish 5 votes
answered by Erica 4 votes

I need an alternative to leather

This is my first time trying to make a costume out of anything other than cardboard and sheets. I wanted to make Greek armour out of real leather but my mum said that real leather is very expensive ...

leather costume-design  
asked by Cadence P. 24 votes
answered by Allison C 23 votes

Fast method to cut/shred glue stick into small pieces

Tried cutting a glue stick into small pieces using a normal scissor and took about 10 mins or so. Is it possible to cut or shred glue stick into small pieces much faster, say 2 min per stick? (The ...

asked by user275517 4 votes
answered by virolino 4 votes

What are the (dis)advantages of both sides of chart paper for drawing or painting?

I have noticed how two surfaces of chart paper are different from each other: one is rough while the other is smooth. I am getting different opinions about choosing which side is more suitable for ...

drawing paper pencil-shading  
asked by ASMI 3 votes

Why is wearing a mask recommended when carving antler?

Why do people get so concerned over antler dust when knife carving. I wear a mask when I work with it. But what if you didn't wear a mask? What would the dangers be?

safety carving bone  
asked by terrariabat 10 votes
answered by magerber 8 votes

How do I cut the bottom off a glass wine bottle?

Recently at a party, I saw empty wine bottles that had the base cut off so it could be placed over a candle. It made an elegant and interesting centerpiece, and I have some very pretty wine bottles ...

glass upcycling  
asked by Erica 19 votes
answered by Matt 14 votes

Will I have problems with wire baked in oven baked clay?

I am planning an armature for use in stop motion. I will use 3 steel wires twisted together using a drill. I am planning to have oven-bake polymer clay (such as Sculpey of Fimo) on the wires. It ...

polymer-clay wire  
asked by margalo 8 votes
answered by Ji Ugug 4 votes
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