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Top new questions this week:

Beeswax applied as varnish is still tacky

I applied Michael Harding Beeswax to a completed painting. I put my brush directly into the jar and brushed it on. It’s been over a month and it is still sticky, or tacky. The wax did not come with ...

painting wax varnish  
asked by Rae Bacigalupo 5 votes
answered by Joachim 3 votes

confused about varieties of linseed oil

I am fairly new to oil painting. Please explain the differences between refined linseed, cold-pressed linseed, boiled linseed, double-boiled linseed, etc. I am confused with the variety and would like ...

asked by mithun 2 votes

Can I use polycrylic over a fixative?

I’ve made an acrylic painting on a wood slice, but added some detail with a chalk pencil. I normally seal my wood slice art with polycrylic, but I’m concerned about smudging the chalk when I seal. ...

asked by Jennicrafts 1 vote
answered by Joachim 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What type of paint should I use for stone painting meant for outside

Not too long ago, my family’s dog was put down and we spread the ashes on one of her favourite (or so we assume) walkies routes. I want to create some kind of tombstone for her. I was thinking of ...

paint stones medium-selection  
asked by Jan 11 votes
answered by Rand al'Thor 8 votes

Fixing cracks in air-dried clay?

Whenever I work with air-dry clays, the sculpture shrinks in size and there occurs lots of cracks. It is really time consuming, and hard to fix. So far, I tried filling in the cracks with glue and ...

sculpting clay  
asked by Vyun 6 votes

How do you make the winged sonobe module?

This is what a winged sonobe polyhedral looks like: Image from DeviantArt by Piplup-fangirl66 This should not be that hard but I cannot, for the life of me, find a resource online that tells me ...

origami unit-origami  
asked by Matt 5 votes
answered by Lorenzo Gatti 2 votes

How can I eliminate spray paint odor?

A week or two ago, I repainted a mirror (about 2.5ftx3ft) with some less-than-stellar quality spray paint. The paint's smell is still hanging around, and I'd really like to get rid of it. What can I ...

asked by jackwise 6 votes
answered by Chris Rogers 11 votes

How to apply diamond dust to a canvas?

How can I apply diamond dust to a canvas or photo? I've searched the web but can't find any information about it. I've used photo spray glue but it's too sticky.

paper adhesives diamond-dust  
asked by Summer Rose 6 votes
answered by EmRoBeau 6 votes

How can I clean a paintbrush used in acrylic paint?

When I try to look up videos or tips for painting with acrylic, I always see them dipping the paintbrush into water to clean. But every time I paint with acrylic paint, it seems there is a never ...

paint-brushes acrylic-paint  
asked by El Bromista 6 votes
answered by Martha 8 votes

What is the advantage of having an angled drawing desk?

I grew up using normal desks in school and drawing in art class on tables. I have drawn on tables for most of my projects, but every artists desk has a lift to it. What is the purpose of the varying ...

drawing tool-selection sketching  
asked by leigero 26 votes
answered by Martha 5 votes
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