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Top new questions this week:

What is a chopin chain?

I'm trying to select a chain for a pendant, and one of the options is "chopin" chain, vs a "rope" chain (which looks the same to me). What's the difference, where does this style of chain come from? ...

jewelry chain-mail  
asked by Turnsole 7 votes
answered by Joachim 7 votes

How to knit a button loop?

If knitting an item which needs a button to secure something - like a button on the back of a pair of glittens, (a fingerless glove with a retractable mitten) how would you knit this into a row? ...

asked by Aravona 5 votes
answered by Belle 5 votes

Engrave a design into slate sheets

I currently have multiple sheets of slate measuring 8"x12" at 1/4" thickness, and various gauges of colored wire (picked up the wire from the Beading section of a hobby store). I have been scaling a ...

material-selection tool-selection wire  
asked by AChrapko 3 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 2 votes

Is brush-on Mod Podge the same as the spray can variant?

Is brush-on Mod Podge the same as the sprayable Mod Podge? I’m using it for a doll repaint but the brush might wipe the watercolour pencil away, or smudge it. I was thinking of sponging it on to it.

adhesives painting doll-reborning  
asked by Amanda 2 votes
answered by Kaleigh MacKay 3 votes

Whats is the mm equivalent of US / old UK knitting needles?

When converting from US or old UK knitting needle sizes to mm, what are the conversions for these?

tool-selection knitting tool-identification  
asked by Aravona 2 votes
answered by Belle 3 votes

How can I fully bleach a polyester shirt?

I have a shirt that is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. I'd like to completely whiten this shirt. How can I accomplish this? Related: Fade color in fabric

fabric clothing dye  
asked by jackwise 2 votes
answered by virolino 4 votes

Why and how do some people use circular knitting needles when working flat / not in the round?

Some people use circular knitting needles when they are working flat, aka not working in the round. Why is that and how does it work?

tool-selection knitting  
asked by Belle 2 votes
answered by Belle 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What material is used for inflatables?

Inflatable toys, chairs and beds, kids castles, pools, stuff like that. I understand and seen people use ordinary polypropylene? trashbag sheets or tablecloths for inflatables where the pieces can be ...

material-selection fabric material-identification  
asked by Eli_Avidan 3 votes
answered by Oliver Broad 3 votes

What kind of glue works for stones and shells?

I have a collection of many small stones and shells of different shapes and sizes picked up from various beaches, and it'd be nice to glue some of them together to make some sort of arty model. But ...

adhesives stones  
asked by Rand al'Thor 9 votes
answered by Oneira 5 votes

Which glue should I use to attach paper to glass?

When making things that go in bottles (primarily beer), I want to add labels to the bottles. I like the look of matte paper labels such as those found on fancy wine bottles, but I'm having difficulty ...

paper adhesives glass  
asked by walrus 11 votes
answered by Catija 12 votes

Can I use a smaller diameter hot glue stick on a bigger diameter hot glue gun?

Suppose there is a hot glue gun that support 12mm hot glue stick. Of course we cannot insert a bigger than 12mm hot glue stick, but can we insert a smaller one, let's say, a 7.5mm hot glue stick into ...

asked by user275517 3 votes
answered by Chris H 8 votes

How to erase pencil under ink?

I use an HB pencil, very light, to sketch before drawing with ink. I use Staedtler ink pen and Staedtler plastic eraser ( whit rectangular with blu paper around ) The problem is that when i erase ...

drawing ink  
asked by al404IT 8 votes
answered by Ron Apollo 1 vote

Which glue should be used for adhering thin paper?

I frequently make cards for my friends and family instead of purchasing them, which I very much enjoy, but the bane of my existence is gluing all the pieces together. It is always a struggle to decide ...

asked by EmRoBeau 3 votes

How can I mount a polished stone to wood?

I have a finished wooden walking stick. I'd like to mount a few polished gemstones to it. What is the best product to use for mounting stones to wood surface?

adhesives woodworking stones  
asked by Marie yeater 7 votes
answered by Matt 4 votes
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